I strive to give insight to personality and psychology through my artwork in order to bridge the gap between our separate selves, as it is our shared humanity that binds us as one. By connecting with the viewer I am able to express myself with authenticity and break free from the confines of the self.

My larger paintings stem from the sensibilities of autobiographical sequential narratives (comics), from which I am heavily influenced.  However, rather than presenting the narrative in its entirety, I am focusing on just one frame and blowing it up to larger than life proportions. The size is important to the piece, as it confronts the viewer in a somewhat intrusive manner.  My subject matter is personal and emotional, and the large size canvas is intended to fully immerse the viewer in the depicted emotional states.  The use of text in these paintings is also important to me, as it ties into the traditions of comics and raises the issue of high-brow vs. low-brow art.

My painting process begins with sketches of the initial concept to create composition options.  I then stage a photo shoot to mimic the sketches and choose the photos that best represent the feeling of the original concept.  The composition is then reworked and a canvas is stretched to the size specified by the final composition. The photos are used as reference material for executing the painting.

The “Portraits” category of my portfolio is an extension of my interest in visually capturing the human spirit by connecting the viewer with not just an accurate rendering of the subject, but a true reflection of their unique self.  The moment when the subject comes to life through light and color is truly magical.  The challenge to create this enchantment keeps portrait painting exciting for me. 

I am open to taking on commission portrait work with the understanding that it be a collaboration between subject and artist, and that my goal is to create a painting in line with my above stated interests. 

Thank you for visiting my website!  If you have any questions or are interested in a commission portrait, I can be reached via email at kandeanderson@gmail.com.


  • 2005 - 2006: studied under painter Grace Graupe Pillard, New Jersey
  • 1994: BA Visual Arts, Rutgers University, New Jersey

Group Exhibitions

  • 2014: Durham Arts Guild "Face-to-Face" show ("Happy Days"), Awarded First Place and People's Choice; Durham Arts Guild Members Showcase ("Keith in WFMU Hat"); Durham Arts Guild 60th Annual Juried Show ("So That's Good, Right?")
  • 2006: Shore Institue of Contemporary Arts Juried Show ("Dinnertime"), Awarded Best in Category
  • 2006: Monmouth County Arts Council Juried Show ("Dinnertime")
  • 2005: Art Alliance of Red Bank Juried Show ("M1")
  • 2005: Brookdale Community College Alumni Association Juried Show ("Keith 2000")


  • March 2014: "Happy Days" featured in Durham's Herald Sun "In Downtown Durham, Portraits & Landscapes" review by Blue Greenberg 3/14/2014
  • March 2014: Happy Days" featured in The Durham News "Brushstrokes: Durham Art Guild's 'Face-to-Face': More than Meets the Eye" review by Deborah Meyer 3/18/2014
  • October 2006: "Dinnertime" featured in American Journal of Nursing.
  • October 2006: "Dinnertime" featured in Asbury Park Press's Jersey Alive! 10/13/2006

Contact Info

I currently reside in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and can be reached via email at kandeanderson@gmail.com.